Thursday, July 30, 2009

What color suits your eyes?

I saw this great article in the recent Glow magazine (Canadian beauty mag). Ever wondered what color goes with your eye color. Have no fear, I got it right here!!!!

Click on the images to get them bigger ;)

For those with blue eyes

For those with hazel & green eyes

And of course, all of us with brown eyes (hi:)

Hope this helps some of you out there!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: MAC Studio Scuplt Concealer

I got this about a month ago, and have had a while now using it various ways. From different eye brushes (MAC224, Lise Watier Portfolio Brush, Anna Sui Concealer Brush) and even my ring finger (not so sanitary!). Here's some info on it:

5.5 g /0.19 US OZ

Yet, the result is usually the same. The creamy, yet thick, consistency might seem nice when you swatch it on the back of your hand, but that's not how it appears when applied to dark circles. For me, it kept looking dry, uneven, and although it is thick, it was not very opaque. I had to keep laying a bunch on, which only made the under eye area look even brighter (and not so natural looking). I will admit though, the waterproof claim made by this concealer does stand true, even on humid days.

When I used my Primavista Bright Up Base under it, thinking this would solve the problem, it actually made my undereyes look worse. Very dry, and cakey. The only thing I put under it was a load of lotion, which only helped slightly.

So, overall, this concealer does not beat my HG Lise Watier Portfolio.

P.S: For all of you living in Canada/U.S who can't get their hands on the Lise Watier portfolio, you can get it here. Also, use the coupon code "KANDEE1C9" to get 10% off! Offer expires 9/30/2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brush Cleaning 101

Hi everyone :)

I just finished cleaning my brush collection...and well, thought I'd tell y'all what I do to get them clean. I usually wash them once a week; you don't want anything (germies) to grow on them, because this might infect your gorgeous face!!

I know there's a lot of "brush cleaners" out there, most notably MAC's version, but I think that paying for some water solution is a little silly. $13 for one bottle? I prefer to use good old Johnson's Baby Gel wash. It gets the job done :)

So, just get the brush's bristles wet first, put some of the gel on it, and move it back and forth on your palm. You don't want to move it in a circular motion, because that will cause the bristles to go nuts and fall prematurely.

Then, lightly pinch the bristles to get rid of any water. And lay them out on a paper towel to dry overnight. Some require more time to dry ( my stupid Body Shop Kabuki brush...that little monster takes well over a day to dry!! arghhh!!)

Also, I know some people need to clean their brush as they apply their makeup (well, maybe you decided to pull out that green shadow at 8am in the morning!!hehe). I'm somewhat lazy and can't be bothered to 'spot clean' my brushes. So, what I do is have a spare clean wash cloth near by. And I just rub my brush on there, and voila!!!!

Hope this helps :)

P.S: I came across this ad the other day. As a Graphic Designer, nothing irritates me more than spelling mistakes on ads. Can you spot it? ;) !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's in my (heavy) bag!

There's nothing more that I enjoy looking at then what is in everyone's bags!! haha, yes, I admit it!! I'm always curious as to what people carry with them.
As for myself... I was cleaning out my bag today and realized I carry way too much items. No wonder my bag weights as much as a brick...

And yes, your eyes are not fooling you! That is a Snoopy fork/spoon/chopsticks set. I've had wayyyy too many bad experiences going to restaurants, only to find their cutlery are totally gross. So, this is a good idea, regardless of the few weird stares here and there :)

GOSH Haul + R e v i e w s

My first GOSH purchase :) Here's what I got:

The infamous Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling
(still makes me look a little corpse-y, but not as bad as other MAC nudes (Blankety, Creme de Nude). This one has a touch of pink in it, and its quiet smooth and moisturizing. Just make sure your lips are in perfect condition before applying this color...)

Effect Powder in Emerald
(a gorgeous deep green; 2.5gms for $15.00 VS MAC pigment's, which are 7.5gm for $20....But I do think I will finish this color eventually, whereas my only MAC Vanilla pigment will never end...)

Extreme Art Eye Liners in 10 (Deep Blue) and 01 (Deep Plum)
(ok, so these are suppose to be super waterproof, and they are. The applicator that they come with is super tiny and easy to use. The color 01 is my new love, it is so gorgeous. Why I got the deep blue one? Well, it's summer, and a pop of color is not a bad idea!!!)

I will definetly be purchasing more from GOSH Cosmetics in the future. I think that, even though they are a bit pricier than most drugstore brands, the quality is amazing. And no funky scent on their products either!! :)