Sunday, October 4, 2009

Foundation Routine: Shiseido + Rimmel

hey all :)

hope everyone's having a good weekend so far!!

so after playing around with my new shiseido dual balancing foundation (#B20), and trying to get it to work (with diff. brushes, powders, etc.), I have come up with the 'HG method' for making it work. I didn't like it as much before, but damn, do I love it now!! It has become my HG liquid foundation. Here's da method!

1. Apply a tiny (and i stress tiny!! you don't need a lot for it to work!) amount of the foundation on your MAC 189 brush. Blend away. Apply a bit more to areas that need more help :)

2. Set foundation with a flat brush ( I use the Italian Badger one; you can get it off, using my HG pressed powder by Rimmel; Stay Matte in Translucent.

and you're done!!! :) easy, eh!! Well, I guess you could use this method with any foundation you may have. And try out the Rimmel powder!! It's cheap and amazing!!! ( I love it more than previous more expensive powders I've used; this one was only $4!!!). Oh, and that MAC 189 brush isn't all that necessary, but it does make a major difference. I tried using the standard foundation brush (MAC 190) and it did not work. Same goes for using the MAC 189 (that skunk looking brush, yeah you know what i'm talking about ;) and my fingers, but the 189 reigned supreme!!

Hope this helps someone out!


P.S: I only got the 189 brush a long time ago because a very awesome Youtube Guru named ChefCaffy showed it in one of her videos. Check her out if you don't already know her!!! :D