Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Makeup Storage

Hey everyone!!

For the past month, I've been a little frustrated with my current makeup storage area. Needless to say, I stuffed most of it in a big drawer in my dresser. The rest went into some cosmetics bag that you get for free from Dior. And, being the super organized person that I am, I was losing sleep over the mess :( *haha*

So, IKEA came to the rescue! Ok, well, not really. I was watching one of my favourite gurus, What Style Is To Nickel and his makeup collection, and it inspired me. I already had a lot of dark items on my dresser (mostly anna sui stuff), so I decided to run with it!

Here are the drawers I got from Ikea:

Both from their Fira collection (ranging from $16-17)

Almost 3 hours later, I completed building them :) *and I thought they come pre-assembled..since theyre small...what was I thinking...?*

I thought, hey I'm done! Now I just have to paint them! Right? Wrong! My dad, whos a carpenter said I had to paint it with a primer. Twice. So I did:

Ok, now just gotta paint it...and...
Well, aparently, you're suppost to sand the entire thing before painting it!! Argh. So, after 4 hours of sanding (inside and out!), finally it was smooth enough to paint.

And 3 coats later of semi-matte black paint, it was done!!! Weeheee!!!

TA DA!!!!
(yes I know the ugly brown dresser does not go with the black drawers. That will be changed in da future!! :P )

And now, on to the organization!!

This first drawer is mostly face/cheeck/primers/powders. The foundation of makeup :)

This one carries all my eyeshadows.

These 3 small ones carry mascaras, lip stuff, and liners of all sorts.

Yes, this drawer is dedicated to fake lashes, mostly inexpensive Asian ones. Because they are good and cheap!! :)

Some tools, new items, and sponges.

My "sad" drawer which consists of my one and only MAC palette (which I love and I have 6 shadows in it so far...) and a few palettes I never touch anymore...

That is all!! Hope you all like :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I am using right now: Tag

I caught this from Lollipop26's blog, and thought I'd share the love :) Hope you all likes and join in too!!

Shampoo: Shiseido Aquair Deep Moist Shampoo (I actually like this more than the red Tsubaki one! It's more moisurizing for my dry, bleached hair!)

Conditioner: Stilll using the Shiseido Tsubaki one (red version)

Styling products: TRESemmé Heat Tamer (on my 2nd bottle; best heat protector I've ever used and its only around $4)

Shower Gel: Dove

Body moisturiser: I don't use one <=)

Deodorant: Dove

Fake Tan: I don't fake tan; I think one day the ingredients used in tanning products will prove to be bad for us (hey, I'm just scared that day will come...) so I steer clear of them. So I am currently as white as a ghost :)

Cleanser: For the most part, Obagi (Clenziderm) and sometimes I also use the Shiseido White Lucent one

Exfoliator: Good old aspirin mask

Primer: Primavista's Bright Up Base (I did a review on this recently)

Foundation brush: The Body Shop's Face Mineral brush

Concealer: Lise Watier Portfolio

Powder: My everyday foundation is pressed yeah, I don't follow up with another coating of powder :)

Blusher: Mostly either Nars Orgasm or MAC's Fashion Frenzy (a hot pink)

Bronzer: I don't use bronzers. I don't even own one <=(

Highlighter: I just use the bright lavender color in the Lise Watier Portfolio wheel. Really brightens up my face.

Eyeshadow base: Recently just bought my first UDPP, and I am in love with it. Why did I wait so long to get one?! (oh right..because Vancouver just got their first Sephora...)

Eyeshadows: I have been changing it up everyday, but most of the time, its the Guerlain 4 color palette in Perle d'Argent 480 (pearl shimmer/ gray/ gunmetal gray shimmer/ charcoal shimmer)

Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Curler: My favourite by Jill Stuart (its pink!). And also my Anna Sui one if I can't find the other :P

Mascara: YSL Faux cils

Lipstick: Mostly MAC's angel, or Lovelorn (ah, I can't choose!)

Lipgloss: Not really into lip glosses... I hate how my hair gets stuck on my lips :(

Nail Colour: I have Rimmel's Milk Chocolate on right now. A very neutral color that, well, looks like milk chocolate. Will change it soon to something more lively, like a hot pink!!

That is all for now! Hope you guys join in on this tag! :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy Eyes ;)

Hey guys!!

Here is my favorite eye look, which is quiet easy to recreate. The items I used were:

- Guerlain Quad in Perle D'Argent 480
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Rimmel Glam 'Eyes Mascara
- MAC brushes: 209, 217, and 219

After applying my UDPP, I used the white shade from the quad all over (I have a review on the quad on this blog; check it out!). Then I line the upper lashline with my MAC Fluidliner. Next, I apply the bottom left shimmery grey color on the outer crease, making sure not to go all the way in to the inner corner. Then I use the darkest shade in the quad (after the liner is dry) to smudge the liner, and extend it slightly into the outer 'V'. This is the look I love doing the most, where the crease is very defined on the outer corner. Then I curl my top lashes and apply mascara.

The key thing is to blend, blend, blend!!! Hope you all like this look! :)

P.S: Please excuse the wacky eyebrows...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review: Sofina Primavista Bright Up Base

Hi y'all :o)

So, I thought I'd do a review on this amazing product, since getting it and using it religiously for almost 2 months. I've tried many bases before, and I have to say that this is by far my favourite!

Here are the pros:

- actually brights up your skin tone! hence the name :P
- only need one pump (about a pea size)
- no funky odor
- doesn't break me out!!!!!!!!!! ( I can't tell you how many times bases have broken me out in the past...this product is a miracle I tell ya!!)
- cute packaging :}
- you'll use less foundation/concealer
- sanitary; pump
- comes in 2 other formulations: clear cover and smooth coat
- has a 'window' on the side so you can see how much product is left
- makes my makeup last all day, even in this humid, 30+ degree weather!
- doesn't change into some weird color; won't affect your foundation/powders' color on top

And a few cons:

- a bit pricey ($30 US on
- only contains SPF 10 PA+ ( I usually go for SPF 15, which I apply underneath)

And that's about it! :) I hope you guys check out this awesome line from Sofina. Here's some more info below from their website:

SOFINA Primavista Bright Up Base
(makeup base)
Covers skin dullness for a bright, clear finish, complementing SOFINA Primavista makeup foundations

Augments violet and blue light spectrum for a bright and clear finish.
Prevents makeup foundation from wearing off, for a long-lasting and flawless finish.
Moisturizing ingredient (chamomile extract)
Fragrance free

And now, a little background on Primavista, which I found quiet interesting, as a Graphic Designer :P

Brand Naming
'Prima vista' means 'first look' in Italian. The brand naming reflects the zest SOFINA produces: lively and bright first impressions for all females.

Package Design
The package design - a small box in pink beige, which symbolizes the brilliance in skin, tied carefully with a ribbon in mocha brown - was created with the concept that the purchaser may perceive each product as an intimate gift to herself; a present that enhances her unique beauty.