Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Makeup Storage

Hey everyone!!

For the past month, I've been a little frustrated with my current makeup storage area. Needless to say, I stuffed most of it in a big drawer in my dresser. The rest went into some cosmetics bag that you get for free from Dior. And, being the super organized person that I am, I was losing sleep over the mess :( *haha*

So, IKEA came to the rescue! Ok, well, not really. I was watching one of my favourite gurus, What Style Is To Nickel and his makeup collection, and it inspired me. I already had a lot of dark items on my dresser (mostly anna sui stuff), so I decided to run with it!

Here are the drawers I got from Ikea:

Both from their Fira collection (ranging from $16-17)

Almost 3 hours later, I completed building them :) *and I thought they come pre-assembled..since theyre small...what was I thinking...?*

I thought, hey I'm done! Now I just have to paint them! Right? Wrong! My dad, whos a carpenter said I had to paint it with a primer. Twice. So I did:

Ok, now just gotta paint it...and...
Well, aparently, you're suppost to sand the entire thing before painting it!! Argh. So, after 4 hours of sanding (inside and out!), finally it was smooth enough to paint.

And 3 coats later of semi-matte black paint, it was done!!! Weeheee!!!

TA DA!!!!
(yes I know the ugly brown dresser does not go with the black drawers. That will be changed in da future!! :P )

And now, on to the organization!!

This first drawer is mostly face/cheeck/primers/powders. The foundation of makeup :)

This one carries all my eyeshadows.

These 3 small ones carry mascaras, lip stuff, and liners of all sorts.

Yes, this drawer is dedicated to fake lashes, mostly inexpensive Asian ones. Because they are good and cheap!! :)

Some tools, new items, and sponges.

My "sad" drawer which consists of my one and only MAC palette (which I love and I have 6 shadows in it so far...) and a few palettes I never touch anymore...

That is all!! Hope you all like :)


  1. wow looks good! Too bad you had to paint it so many times, but the result is good. I need something similar stuffs are just shoved into drawers and hard to overlook @_@

  2. WOW! I am in need of a new dresser/vanity table! I too am losing sleep over it! This is a great idea although it involves lots of painting but looks great! Loving your collection too:)

  3. you just transformed a plain storage to an elegant one! that's a nice touch with the matte black. love it!

    i bought a red tool trolly for my mu (for the new house) as i no longer want a built-in mu cupboard. i think with a trolly, it makes more sense as i like to push it around my room. lol

  4. Great idea on the Ikea drawers. You new makeup storage looks fab! I love it! :)

    FOllowing your nlog now :)

  5. omgosh! organized makeup galore!

  6. oh I have the same drawer! But how much nicer it looks when it's painted - you even did the inside =O.. I really should get around to doing mine ^^"

  7. Love what you've done, looks really pretty!

  8. Aww thanks everyone for the lovely comments!! :'(

  9. Totally great make-up storage! All the elements looks so cute!
    Love your make-up collection!