Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review: Sofina Primavista Bright Up Base

Hi y'all :o)

So, I thought I'd do a review on this amazing product, since getting it and using it religiously for almost 2 months. I've tried many bases before, and I have to say that this is by far my favourite!

Here are the pros:

- actually brights up your skin tone! hence the name :P
- only need one pump (about a pea size)
- no funky odor
- doesn't break me out!!!!!!!!!! ( I can't tell you how many times bases have broken me out in the past...this product is a miracle I tell ya!!)
- cute packaging :}
- you'll use less foundation/concealer
- sanitary; pump
- comes in 2 other formulations: clear cover and smooth coat
- has a 'window' on the side so you can see how much product is left
- makes my makeup last all day, even in this humid, 30+ degree weather!
- doesn't change into some weird color; won't affect your foundation/powders' color on top

And a few cons:

- a bit pricey ($30 US on
- only contains SPF 10 PA+ ( I usually go for SPF 15, which I apply underneath)

And that's about it! :) I hope you guys check out this awesome line from Sofina. Here's some more info below from their website:

SOFINA Primavista Bright Up Base
(makeup base)
Covers skin dullness for a bright, clear finish, complementing SOFINA Primavista makeup foundations

Augments violet and blue light spectrum for a bright and clear finish.
Prevents makeup foundation from wearing off, for a long-lasting and flawless finish.
Moisturizing ingredient (chamomile extract)
Fragrance free

And now, a little background on Primavista, which I found quiet interesting, as a Graphic Designer :P

Brand Naming
'Prima vista' means 'first look' in Italian. The brand naming reflects the zest SOFINA produces: lively and bright first impressions for all females.

Package Design
The package design - a small box in pink beige, which symbolizes the brilliance in skin, tied carefully with a ribbon in mocha brown - was created with the concept that the purchaser may perceive each product as an intimate gift to herself; a present that enhances her unique beauty.


  1. Great review!! :] Love Sofina Primavista! :]

  2. Thanks Fuzzzzz :) I love it too!!

  3. I love your reviews! So I am a new follower:)

  4. Aww thank you funkiimonkee!! Welcome :)

  5. i really wanted to get this, but then realized i had too much makeup already hehe. but now i'm tempted again after reading your review...kinda bummed that it's only spf 10 tho

  6. MiuMiu!! I know what you mean, I was in the same boat before I got it. But it's well worth it!! My favorite base ever!!