Friday, May 1, 2009

Hanskin Premium Magic BB Cream Review

I got this off of Came from Korea, and arrived in about a week!!

I haven't tried many BB Creams yet; this is my 2nd one. So I am comparing it mostly to the Missha BB Cream, which I reviewed in an earlier post.

This Hanskin BB Cream comes in one color, and in packaging of either 30 or 50mL. I didn't know how much I'd like this product, so I got the 3omL tube. It's consistency is quiet thick, but not as creamy as the Missha one. This one is slightly runnier. I have to admit that it's coverage is nowhere as good as Missha's; it doesn't cover imperfections, such as red spots, at all. It tones down everything basically, like redness and dark circles, but does not get rid of them entirely, no matter how much you layer this product.
But it's oil control is much better than Missha's; just as long as you set it with loose or pressed powder. But after, I'd say 4-5 hours later, you will need to blot, and by 9 hours later, my face looked very shiny overall (keeping in mind, I only get oily in the t-zone...yeah!!).

So, for the sake of summer, I will not be using this during this season. I will probably use it during the cold winter months, when my skin gets dry. I think this is a good product for someone with a clear complection, and who has dry skin. Do bear in mind that you have to go over this with concealer in certain areas that need more concealing.

I still prefer my Pur Minerals 4-in-1 foundation over this =)


  1. i wouldn't be using bb creams in the summer either.. it feels heavy imo

  2. just as you said, hanskin can't cover the red blotches, scars, and doesn't even out my skin too ...