Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: MAC Studio Scuplt Concealer

I got this about a month ago, and have had a while now using it various ways. From different eye brushes (MAC224, Lise Watier Portfolio Brush, Anna Sui Concealer Brush) and even my ring finger (not so sanitary!). Here's some info on it:

5.5 g /0.19 US OZ

Yet, the result is usually the same. The creamy, yet thick, consistency might seem nice when you swatch it on the back of your hand, but that's not how it appears when applied to dark circles. For me, it kept looking dry, uneven, and although it is thick, it was not very opaque. I had to keep laying a bunch on, which only made the under eye area look even brighter (and not so natural looking). I will admit though, the waterproof claim made by this concealer does stand true, even on humid days.

When I used my Primavista Bright Up Base under it, thinking this would solve the problem, it actually made my undereyes look worse. Very dry, and cakey. The only thing I put under it was a load of lotion, which only helped slightly.

So, overall, this concealer does not beat my HG Lise Watier Portfolio.

P.S: For all of you living in Canada/U.S who can't get their hands on the Lise Watier portfolio, you can get it here. Also, use the coupon code "KANDEE1C9" to get 10% off! Offer expires 9/30/2009.

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  1. oh boo...sometimes i think mac are a hit or miss. i should check out lise watier when i get back to toronto