Saturday, July 11, 2009

GOSH Haul + R e v i e w s

My first GOSH purchase :) Here's what I got:

The infamous Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling
(still makes me look a little corpse-y, but not as bad as other MAC nudes (Blankety, Creme de Nude). This one has a touch of pink in it, and its quiet smooth and moisturizing. Just make sure your lips are in perfect condition before applying this color...)

Effect Powder in Emerald
(a gorgeous deep green; 2.5gms for $15.00 VS MAC pigment's, which are 7.5gm for $20....But I do think I will finish this color eventually, whereas my only MAC Vanilla pigment will never end...)

Extreme Art Eye Liners in 10 (Deep Blue) and 01 (Deep Plum)
(ok, so these are suppose to be super waterproof, and they are. The applicator that they come with is super tiny and easy to use. The color 01 is my new love, it is so gorgeous. Why I got the deep blue one? Well, it's summer, and a pop of color is not a bad idea!!!)

I will definetly be purchasing more from GOSH Cosmetics in the future. I think that, even though they are a bit pricier than most drugstore brands, the quality is amazing. And no funky scent on their products either!! :)


  1. Cool brand, never seen it before!

  2. mmm that deep blue liner looks mesmerizing *.*

  3. It is!! My eyes went straight to it at the counter. But it is slightly lighter than what the image appears :)

  4. oohh...gonna take a look at it when i get back to canada

  5. Yeah, you gotta check them out for sure!! Those liners in the pic are amazing!! The applicators are so tiny, and they are super they come in a bunch of awesome colors :)