Monday, June 29, 2009

Haul Time :)

I couldn't resist buying a few items from MAC last week during their 25% off event. My only regret: why didn't I order more stuff?! haha!!
Besides MAC goodies, I also picked up a few items from my beloved They had sent me a sample of the Primavista Bright Up Base last order, and I fell in love with it! (will do a full review coming up!)

Here's what I got:

- Vanilla pigment ( my first pigment; has a gold sheen which I'm trying to get used to?)
- Lipsticks: Snob (pastel pink with blue undertone; very bright!)
Angel (light pink; satin)
Creme Cup (yet another light pink; great for everyday natural lips)
- Pro Eyeshadow Palette [15] (my first! yay! It's a lot smaller than I had imagined!!lol)
- Duo Adhesive (my first; I had used a cheap version, and after waxing off 3 eyelashes on each eye, decided it was time for one)
- Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW15 (totally loving's waterproof and very opaque! Much better than their Studio Finish concealer)
- Primavista Bright Up Base
- Lavshuca Eye Color Select in PU-2 (the much raved about quad...according to my favorite YouTuber Chefcaffy. And I really like it!!)
- Rohto Lycee Eyedrops for Contacts (heard they're good...)


  1. Woo hope you enjoy the bright up base! :D

  2. Hehe thanks Fuz!!! :) I love it already!! It works amazingly!

  3. i really need to try false lashes. please let us know how that duo glue work. my MIL tried it once and tossed it to the bin before i had a chance to rescue it. i thought it was good from my reading...

    Fiz is surely a bad influence. :)

  4. i want to try those eye drops too. Hope they are as good as what what we heard.=)

  5. Jojoba:

    The Duo glue is amazing!! I've used it a few times now, and it works great. Just make sure not to use a lot (a small thin line is all you really need; plus some extra on the ends). A few times, I added a bit too much, and when I had to take them off, it hurt a bit, but no lashes were waxed off!! haha. But in any case you do use too much, just put some water on it, and it should come off with ease :)


    Hello :) Yes, those eye drops are super good; you only need one drop to get the job done LOL. I was using this other generic brand (north american brand) and it was doing nothing for my eyes. This one is especially good for people with contacts. I really like it!! (and did i mention its super cute?!haha!!)