Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review: Lavshuca Gradate Eye Shadow in Br-2

This quad comes with 4 colors in a unique case. I decided to try this brown palette since it is more practical for everyday use.

The colors are quiet sheer. You can barely see the colors on your lid; it just comes off very natural. The most pigmented color in the quad is the dark brown shade, which is great for lining your lashline. The colors are quiet shimmery, but in a pretty way, not glittery. But don't expect anything too pigmented; this is definitely great for daytime use, and I think you could take it into nighttime if you use more of the darker shade on the crease.

Overall, I do want to try out the other shades that Lavshuca offers, probably something more striking, and not so neutral as with this palette. I would also recommend this palete to anyone looking for something affordable ($18) and allows you to try out various looks, from daytime to nighttime :)

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