Sunday, June 14, 2009

Massive Mascara Review!!!

Here are a few of the mascaras I've tried out in the past year or so (...ok some have been laying around for longer than that, and let's just say they don't smell so pleasant anymore)

I hope this helps you decide which mascara you might want to try next. These mini reviews on each mascara go from left to right, in accordance to the above image.

1. Estee Lauder: Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara

This is a sample version that I received from some gift set. I would have to say it is a excellent mascara for separating lashes and lengthening them. This is definitely in my 'top 3 mascaras ever' list. I love the natural look it also gives. I've been meaning to pick up the real thing, but the $30 is putting me off a bit :(

2. Majolica Majorca: Lash Enamel Glamour NEO Mascara

(As stated on a previous review)

I brought this since I wanted to try something new, other than the usual Dior Show [which I always use]. Needless to say, the brush is like a comb, and sometimes it does clump my lashes, so I usually end up going over it with my lash/brow comb [which is time consuming. The mascara is waterproof, which makes it a little harder to take off, thus I spend more time on removing it with my Shu Uemura cleansing oil.

Overall, I will probably not repurchase this, since I did not like the effect it gave my lashes. They were longer, but the look was more natural, but I prefer more of a dramatic look [as I get with my Dior Show mascara].

Lancome: Flex WP

**just found out this item is discontinued!**

Well, this mascara is waterproof. It gave a really glossy look to my lashes. And it gave a nice lengthening effect. I feel weird reviewing it now, since I just found out its been discontinued!! I didn't love this mascara, but I didn't hate it either. It was just OK for me.

RIP Flex WP :(

4. Dior: Diorshow Unlimited

Wow, this mascara really sucked! I wanted to try it than the usual Diorshow mascara which I always get from Dior. Dumb dumb idea...this mascara clumps a ton. The look is very unnatural and messy. Horrible formulation.

5. L'Oreal: Voluminous

I think that this mascara is very over-hyped. It smears and smudges a lot on me. Does not exaggerate my lashes all that much. It does, however, give my lashes a lot more volume, but no lengthening at all. It's OK in my book. No strange smell either.

6. Maybelline: Colossal Volum' Express

Wow, just wow. The smell this mascara gives off is unbearable!!!!!!! It stinks like old roses dipped in gasoline! The effect this gave my lashes was nothing incredible; a bit more fuller and longer. Yet, even after having this on for 30 minutes, the smell was still there, and I could smell it throughout the day for several hours. It's so bad, when I got my mom to take a sniff of this tube, she screamed. Yes, it's that bad.
Apparently, this is suppose to be the drugstore version of Diorshow mascara? I think does not do what Diorshow does. Even if it did, I still would not buy it due to the cheap scent.

7. Christian Dior: Diorshow Mascara

(As stated on a previous review)

Being a mascara addict myself, I have tried NEARLY every mascara on the market right now. I am always on the lookout for the best thing out there. And I've been using this mascara since it first came out, several years ago. So, has any mascara beaten Diorshow?

Quiet simply put: no.

This is also in my 'top 3 mascaras ever' list :)

8. Rimmel: Glam' Eyes Mascara

I LOVE THIS MASCARA!!!! Oh my God...thank you MichellePhan once again!! haha.

Seriously, I just got this mascara the other day, and I've been using it everyday with no problems!! It has 2 different sided combs. One side lengthens, and the other separates. The formulation doesn't irritate my eyes, it doesn't smudge, flake or weigh down my eyelashes. This is seriously the best drugstore mascara I have ever tried. I might just live off this forever and be happy with it. Seriously, I love it. At only $10, who can complain?! Excellent formulation, amazing bristles. 10/10!!!

9. Maybelline: Lash Stylist

This mascara does a great job at separating and lengthening lashes. It makes your lashes look fake, which in my mind, is a good thing :)
But taking it off is another story. Even with cleansing oil, it takes a while to take all of it off. It is, however, a bit drying on my lashes and does irritate them if i rub my eyes. I won't be buying it in the future though.

10. Yves St.Laurent: Volume Effet Faux Cils

Ok, so I did not like this a whole lot before. The reason, which I figured out recently, is because you have to clean the wand regularly!! (it even came with instructions stating this, which i chucked away...).
The smell is sooooo nice, like fresh roses (unlike the Maybelline Colossal Mascara...). This mascara does volumize my lashes really well, and gives a fake-lash effect, which I love! I tend to use this only during the nightime, if I'm going out (its a bit too much for daytime wear, i think). At $40, this is the most expensive mascara I've ever bought. It does work like a miracle. But will I buy another one? I'd love to, but not in this economy :)

11. Maybelline: Full N' Soft

This made my lashes full. And incredibly soft. Did not irritate my eyes, and it gives a natural look, in my opinion. I personally like my lashes to look amazingly long and thick (they already are quiet long- I just like to exaggerate things hehe). A great drugstore mascara!

12. Guerlain: Limited Edition Fairy Mascara

I often wonder what I was thinking when I bought this glittery mascara. Then I remind myself that I was 15 or so years old. A waste of money, but it's fun, I'm not going to lie. It makes my eyelashes look like a disco ball. Great for the winter holidays!!! Haha. Or Halloween...

13. Cover Girl- Lash Blast Mascara (Waterproof)

I think that if I got this mascara in the normal, non-waterproof formulation, it wouldn't be so hard to remove. Maybe I will next time.
This mascara is good for separating, and especially volumizing my lashes. It's great for everyday, but don't expect anything amazing from it. The formulation is OK, but this version does irritate my eyes. And it smudges as well. The brush itself, however, is really easy to use.


  1. You are SO right about Diorshow! It's the best!

    The only reason I even look for something better is because I get mascara on my top lid alot when I use it but until something better comes along...

  2. Loved the quick run down...I'm trying to narrow down a list of more mascaras than needed for my brother to buy for me while he's in the many items from maybelline and l'oreal aren't avalible in singapore so I'm looking forward to trying Full n soft.

    I also agree with dior show...just one coat and all my lashes are curled and coated and pow!

    I'm a slow blogger but do check out my blog!