Friday, September 18, 2009

Wish List 09/09

I've always written down, and made long lists in the past of what I want. But usually, I end up misplacing them. So, I've decided to start making them here! And hopefully you guys will join in and start 'sharing the love' *translation: sharing some ideas of what to buy next ;)!*

Sigma Makeup: Complete Brush Kit w. brush roll
$$$: 100
Why?: Ok, I swear, this will be my last brush purchase. I swear!!!

MacBook Pro 17"
$$$: 3,000 :(
Why?: I'm a Graphic Designer...and using a PC laptop is looked down upon in this industry. Did I mention you're virus-free with a MAC?

Nars: Mata Hari Blush

$$$: 28
Why?: It's such a nice pink color!! And I only own another Nars blush (Orgasm) which is amazing. Best blushes ever made.

IKEA Vanity Table
$$$: 249
Why?: It matches my new makeup storage really well. I'm also in the midst of changing my room decor up.

Rafael Nadal
$$$: Priceless
Why?: He's Spanish. He's ranked 2nd in the world of tennis. He's (really really) rich. And he's super cute :}
"But Lina, you..can't put people in your wish list..." Yes I know guys, I know. But that's why they're called a wish list ;)


  1. haha really good wish list! ^.^ Mind if I make this long?
    Brushes are never enough! I made a brush roll for mines this summer. It's a pretty pink color, but since I suck at sewing (by hand, not machine) it looks craaaaappy! =D But it's mine LOL
    The Macbook looks pretty. Personally I encountered a Mac only once in my life, but months did nothing for my understanding the system....I'll stick with Windows >_>
    Tha table looks good! ^.^ But not as good as Nadal =DDD I have no idea about tennis, don't get the regulations and the more I watch it more confused I become. Thus, I don't play/watch it. BUT In my boredom I was skipping the tvchannels and ended up at Eurosport where he was playing...and wow he was gorgeous! My first time seeing him. That smile is unearthly...oh mr. Rafael Archangel! *_*
    Sorry for writing so much! I had this urge to blab. you can ban me if you want >.<

  2. although that Sigma brush set is enticing, that hottie is even more.........

  3. that's a cute vanity table. have you seen their malm vanity table?

  4. Mary: That is too funny. Hope you got my message on ur blog!!

    Blair: Thank you!!:D

    Caffy: Haha, I KNOW!! Well put :P

    MiuMiu: Yup!! I've seen those, but this one grabbed my little heart more :(

  5. NARS blush is the best & the Spaniard athlete: yummm lol