Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haul from Japan!

Hi all :)

My best friend just recently came back from her trip to Japan. Here are a few items she picked out for me that I wanted to check out.

The Shiseido 131 brush. This is supposed to work great with either pressed or liquid foundation. It is not flimsy at all; quiet stiff and extremely soft! The bristles are 1.75cm in diameter; tiny but works well in small areas such as the under eyes.

Fiberwig set; including the original mascara and a tiny version ('tiny sniper' lol) of it for the lower lashes. I love fiberwig mascaras; they are easy to take off and waterproof.
The infamous Dollywink liquid eyeliner in Deep Black. I've heard great reviews on this. This type of brush has become my favourite way of applying eyeliner (replaced my usual Gel + Brush method). Did i mention how cute the packaging is?

Canmake Cheek Gradation in 05 (Peach). I already own this in 01 (Pink) and I absolutely love it! There is sparkles on the top but that's just on the surface; it eventually fades the more you use it :)

Shiseido Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in GY905. This comes with 4 shades of eyeshadow and the bottom purple shade is a "all over sparkle" that you use after you're done, for extra bling!

Shiseido Tsubaki Water, which is a leave in conditioner. You can spray this onto clean damp hair, or after you have styled your hair for extra shine. Can't wait to try this out!

Shiseido Tsubaki Treatment, which is a thick cream you leave onto clean damp hair and wrap your hair for about 30mins. But I like to keep mine on for an hour for extra work!! Then you simply wash it out :)

And lastly, my best friend got me this totally adorable planner for 2011; something I really needed! I absolutely love it!!!

That is all for now! Hope everyone is having a terrific start to 2011 :o)

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  1. Hah! Canmake and Fiberwig are easily found here, I hope you are enjoying them. I've always found japanese cosmetics a bit pricey but worth the quality. I've always found products highend and drugstore so much cheaper in the US, until it comes to japanese brands like majolica and canmake and that makes me a feel a bit better.=]