Sunday, April 12, 2009

Natural Vs. Obvious

I'm always preaching natural makeup. I think it's the best look for any girl, really. I think that all girls are naturally beautiful, and with a little makeup, they can look even more gorgeous. It's the imperfections that make us gorgeous. So, to illustrate my views on makeup, and why I'm so passionate about it, here are some pictures. To illustrate what I mean when i say 'natural' vs. 'too made up'.

OK, so not everyone looks like Angelina Jolie. That's not what I'm trying to get at. What I admire most about Ms.Jolie is how her makeup is never overdone. You notice her first, not her makeup. Her look is always natural, and it always has a added kick, thanks to some nice eye lining! But even if her eyes are made up, she never overdoes the rest of her face; her lips are kept a natural shade, and her cheeks are neutral and pretty. Overall, you see her natural beauty shine though, not her makeup.

OK, before you freak out, yes, this is a little too much for some people. But you know what, some people think this is "hot". In my opinion, I think not. What's the first thing we notice when we look at Shauna Sand? Her makeup, of course! But, what we don't see is her natural beauty (well, how can we under all that purple eyeshadow, lip gloss, heavy foundation and blusher?!). All I'm saying is: let people notice you first, not your makeup. The whole idea behind makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, and cover what you don't like about your face. Not to look like you were experimenting with it before you left your house.

The key point to makeup is: if you choose to enhance a part of your face, keep it to one thing; your eyes, lips, etc. If you decided, lets say, to enhance your eyes, keep everything else on your face minimal. That way it is a overall balanced look. Always choose your best asset, and enhance that the most. I, for example, always choose to enhance my eyes (not a fan of my lips or cheeks, that's why). That is how I keep my makeup natural.

And remember, the first step to a gorgeous face is nice skin. But that is another post! :)


  1. whoa..that second makeup picture kinda shocked me..haha..sometimes i wonder why some women use so makeup.

  2. :P i love natural makeup! that second pic was a tad scary

  3. hehe i know :) I got scared the first time I saw it too