Friday, April 24, 2009

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")

My old Solia straightner (which survived me 6 years!!) got hurt :( I accidentally dropped the plug thingy and it bent the 2 wire thingies (sorry, I don't have the correct terms here lol). But basically, I figured I can't risk it not working on a special occassion, so I got it replaced. With the same thing, only... in sexy red :)

The box

Came with a heatproof pouch for travel...I guess? haha

A close up. Sexy, isn't it? ;)

Really? I did not know that!!!!

My new one on the left, and the old one on the right.

Side by side, the old one has a grip to it, whereas the new one doesn't. Its smooff :)

Yes, it started coming apart a while back. My dad fixed it though, and it still works fine now! haha. So, I'm not chucking it away...keeping it JUST IN CASE the red one goes nuts one day.

I got both of these straightners off of They are excellent! Fast shipping, excellent prices (much cheaper than buying these items at salons), and they have special offers regularly. I got mine for $64.99 (usually sells for $74.99). This particular straightner comes in the regular Black, as well as Purple, Red, and Pink :) So, of course, I just had to get my favourite color!!

Hope this helps :)


  1. your old straightener had a good run i see...6 years wow XD

  2. haha yeah!! I was amazed too!! I guess I took good care of it or something :)

  3. okay, so I literally just ordered a 1-1/4" Solia from & was seriously thinking about getting the red because it's my favourite colour but I didn't because the plates on the black one were pretty blue but now that I see the red in sooo many good pictures, I totally should have gotten that one :( oh well, it's gorgeous, though & I just wanted to tell you that :)
    by the way, just how well does it work ?

  4. I have the same black one but the plug broke too, when I press the reset button and switch it on, it won't turn on! I usually press reset, then the test button pops out and I press reset again and turn it on, but now it doesn't pop out and it won't turn on no matter what. How did you fix your old one? Please help! Thanks!

  5. Tian-
    That sounds kinda scary :( Mine was fixed with just tape, the buttons still worked fine! I would call them up and see if theres a warranty, or if they can send u a new one (depending on how long you've had it). Overall I think getting a new one is better than trying to fix it yourself!

    :) hope that helps!