Saturday, March 28, 2009

Christian Dior • Iridescent Quint - Petal Shine 809

CThis is my first eyeshadow palette ever from Dior :) Bought it as a birthday gift. There was a makeup tutorial going on at my Mall, and the lady used this palette on me. I loved the results, it is very wearable, both for daytime and nighttime. I'm not a fan of intense colors for my eyes, so the shimmery colors from this product are amazing. You can do a simple light pink look for the daytime, and intensify it with the middle brown and the dark purple on the bottom right. The great thing about this product is that all the colors work so well with each other, that you can't possibly mess it up!! Looks gorgeous on brown eyes, by the way :)
And I also think it's totally worth the $60 I paid. And I also plan on getting more colors in the future!!

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  1. Dior is the BEST. I have this in Tropical Light (409, I think the # is) & it is gorgeous! I usually use MAC but with the Dior eyeshadow palettes, you get applicators, plus you're saving like $13 and greenish colours are supposed to bring out brown eyes, too :)