Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lise Watier • Portfolio Professional Correctors

Edit: So, months after typing this entry in, I discovered the Lise Watier Correcteur-Camouflage brush ($18CND) which is recommended to be used specifically with this concealer palette. Originally, I thought this idea was silly, and I used several brushes I already had in my collection. They did a OK job. But only recently did I cave in and got the brush. And I feel like an idiot for not buying it all along. It is amazing. Synthetic bristles, soft, and not too hard (great for the eye area). And it makes the product look natural on your skin; it's hard to over-apply with this brush. I wish I had bought this from the beginning :(

OK, so I was suckered into this product while watching MichellePhan's videos on Youtube. She is constantly using this palette. I decided to try this out when my beloved Shu Uemura pro concealer changed its packaging and lost 1g of product (1.5g now, still the same price though...yeah I know..) This Portfolio, however, comes with 5 colors, each at 5g *gasp*. And all for the same price as I used to pay for ONE Shu Uemura concealer!!
I mostly use the Ivory shade for my undereye circles (make sure to moisturize A LOT before using this there, or else it will look obvious!!) and it works even better than any other concealer I've used in the past. I also use the Green shade for red spots that I might have. The Lilac shade is great for under the brows, to make them pop, and anywhere else you might need extra
highlighting. I use the Yellow Beige shade on top of my Ivory shade, for days when my dark circles are in need of more concealing. And lastly, the Brown shade I haven't used yet, but it is primarily used for contouring your face.
I recommend using a brush for this. I use my Anna Sui concealer brush for this, but any small concealer brush will do the job. Just make sure to pat on the color to the areas, not rubbing too much or that can ruin the look. Then i gently pat the area under my eyes with my ring finger, and dust some loose powder to set it. If you are applying this on spots, I recommend dabbing only a SMALL bit of the green, pat it in with your finger, and apply loose powder. I find that whenever you rub this product in, the result is usually bad.
I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good quality concealer palette, but doesn't feel like spending a lot for each single color. I got mine for $29CND at London Drugs.

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  1. me too with MichellePhan's video!!! OMG! where on earth can i get this palette???!!! help! love your reviews after i spotted your blog. i have added you to my blog. i didn't know you have been my follower for quite some time. i feel embarrassed...